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Music Box Urn

We believe that when a person or animal dies, the soul or spirit leaves the body. It is good to remember the good times and the good memories of loved ones. However we do not believe that there is any remnant of the deceased in the ashes. Therefore we do not make urn music boxes.

On-Off Lever Operation

The on-off lever spring and L-shaped piece are designed to ride in a horizontal groove on the inside face of the front of the music box. The Lyre-shaped button fits through an oversized hole in the front of the box. The horizontal groove controls the movement allowed by the oversized hole. The L-lever engages with the small chrome “feather” that protrudes from the front of the movement left of the comb. When the button is pushed to the right, the movement starts playing. If the button is pushed to the left, the movement will stop only when it reaches the end of the tune.

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